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Frequently seen Quota codes in Indian Railways

Quota Code Quota Description
GN General Quota
PQ Pooled Quota
CK Tatkal Quota
FT Foreign Tourist Quota
LD Ladies Quota
SS Lower Berth Quota
DF Defence Quota
HO Head quarters/high official Quota

Accommodation Classes in Indian Railways

Class Code Class Description
1A First AC Sleeper (Executive Class if the train is a Shatabdi Express)
2A Second AC Sleeper
FC First Class Non-AC
3A Three-tier (third) AC Sleeper
3E AC Sleeper Economy
SL Sleeper Class Non-AC
CC AC Chair Car
2S Second Class (Sitting)

Seat/Berth types in Indian Railways

Code Seat/Berth Description
LB Lower Berth
MB Middle Berth
UB Upper Berth
SL Side Lower Berth
SM Side Middle Berth
SU Side Upper Berth
WS Window Seat

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