What is PNR status?

PNR Status is referred as Passenger Name Record of the people who had booked ticket for a particular train. After booking the ticket, PNR number is mentioned on the ticket itself which represents the details of that/those particular passengers.

On this platform through you could check the status of your booked ticket instantly. It shows the present status of your ticket and lets you know whether your booking is still waitlisted, confirmed or RAC (Reservation against cancellation).

To check PNR Status:

  1. If you have a Waitlisted/RAC counter ticket (ticket booked from railway station itself):
    Please see the PNR No. stated on the top. Visit https://www.pnr-status.info/ and enter that PNR Number in the space provided on Form, enter captcha code and hit go. You would be able to see the current status of your ticket.

    Sample of Counter Ticket:

  2. If you have an I-Ticket:
    It’s a ticket which could be booked from Irctc’s website itself and is delivered to you via courier. In this case also, the PNR Number is mentioned above the ticket through which you may check the status of your ticket.
  3. If your Ticket is upgraded: It often happens that you opt for upgradation while booking your ticket and later on after preparation of chart you get a message that your booking class has been upgraded to 3rdAC, 2ndAC, 1stAC (Please check Quotas) . In that case people often get confused because they really don’t know what had happened. To confirm, they must check their PNR Status on this website or on official website so that they could be sure about their allotted seat.

Overall, it’s a useful tool to get updated with the PNR Status or the reservation status.

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